MATHEW, Emily De Vere

1831 - 1896

As Emily de Vere Hollingsworth, she was baptised at Monkstown, co. Cork, Ireland on 27 June 1831, second daughter of Revd Arthur George Harpur Hollingsworth (18 April 1802-2 January 1859), then vicar of Monkstown, and his wife Margaret Selby née De Montfort (1801-January 1862). On 2 August 1837 Arthur Hollingsworth was instituted to the vicarage of Stowmarket with Stowupland in Suffolk on his own petition. In 1851, Emily was a 20-year-old, living at Ipswich Street Vicarage, Stowmarket with her parents, 48-year-old Arthur and 48-year-old Margaret, with two sibling sisters, Sophia de Montford 24 and Carl Frances 18, both born at Monkstown, Dublin. Emily married at Stowmarket on 22 December 1851, Henry Coldham Mathew (1825-22 September 1910), a Lieut. Col. in the Norfolk Militia and magistrate of Pentloe Hall, Essex and were the parent of George de Montfort Mathew. As Mrs Mathew of Felixstowe, noted as an exhibitor at the Ipswich Fine Art Club in 1883 but does not seem to have any work on show. In 1871, the 39-year-old wife of 45-year-old Henry, living at Langer House, Felixstowe with their four children, William 18, Henry 16, both born at Pentloe, Essex with George 13, and Elizabeth 12, both born at Felixstowe. Emily de Vere Mathew died at Langer House, Felixstowe, Suffolk on 25 March 1896 and buried in Walton church on 28 March 1896. She was the author of several cookery books 'Cakes and Other Good Things' (1886), 'The Jubilee Cookery Book' (1887) and 'Cookery for our Sick and Invalid Poor' (1887) and others.