BULLEN, Horatio Benjamin

1835 - 1911

Horatio Benjamin Bullen was baptised at Albury, Guildford, Surrey on 23 August 1835, third of the six children of William Bullen (27 December 1810-1894) and his wife Emily née Jelley (born c1806) who married around 1830. Horatio married at Albury on 27 May 1863, Hannah Comber and in 1871, a 35-year-old 'gardener, sometime servant' living at Little London, Guildford with his 36-year-old wife Hannah, and their four children, Alice 7, Bertha 5 and Isaac and Jacob, both 3, all born at Guildford. In 1880, he passed his examinations at Ipswich School of Science and Art in freehand drawing with a certificate and prize. In 1901, a 65-year-old jobbing gardener living at Brook, Albury, Guildford with his 66-year-old wife Hannah and two of his children, Kelsha and Walter both 25. He seems to have lived his whole life in the Guildford district of Surrey and why he came to Ipswich is a mystery, but his drawing success is recorded in the 'Ipswich Journal' of 1880. Horatio Benjamin Bullen died at Guildford, Surrey in 1911.