BAXTER, Jennifer

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Jennifer A. Baxter has, since childhood, loved the seaside, the views, the atmosphere, and the sound of the sea and the Suffolk coast has continued to inspire and influence the direction of her artwork. From around the year 2000, a collage artist, using as many diverse types of paper as possible in her work including gift bags, postcards, beer mats and fish & chip bags from relevant areas which helps to convey the wide variety of different textures and subjects found at the beach, everything from rusty bits and bobs, nets, rope, to weathered wooden huts, boats drifting in the sea or derelict half buried in the sand. Driftwood and found objects are featured heavily in her artwork and she loves the depth of textures and effects created through adding layer upon layer, sometimes combining photography to convey the mood and emotions connected with each trip. She exhibited from Melford Road, Sudbury at the 'Visions of Sudbury' show in 2007 an acrylic 'Friars Street' and has also exhibited at The Debenham Art Exhibition in St Mary's Church, Debenham, Suffolk and had a solo exhibition at the Ipswich Tourist Information Centre, St Stephens Church, Ipswich.

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