1793 - 1869

Harriet Sheriffe was born at Uggeshall, near Southwold in Suffolk on 25 June 1793, daughter of Revd Thomas Sheriffe (1759-1842), rector of Uggeshall, and his first wife Charlotte Affleck (1759-1798), daughter of Revd Gilbert Affleck, rector of Dalham, near Newmarket, Suffolk, who married at St Mary the Wall, Colchester, Essex on 19 September 1787. Harriet's mother was buried on 7 November 1798 and on 11 March 1809 her father married again, Sarah Bennett. Harriet lived at Uggeshall until the death of her father in 1842 when, together with her stepmother, they moved to Southwold, Suffolk where Harriet played a prominent part in Southwold society. As Miss Sheriff of Southwold, an art pupil of Henry Bright sometime between 1836-1856. She inherited most of her wealthy father's estate and on the death of her stepmother in 1849 was also her major beneficiary. In 1851, a 58-year-old 'landed proprietor', living at South Green, Southwold with ten indoor servants including a butler and a coachman. Harriet Sheriffe died at Centre Cliff Lodge, Southwold on 13 December 1869, aged 76 and buried at Uggeshall on 20 December. Her will left an amount of around 30,000.