BUNDY, Edgar

1862 - 1922

Stephen Edgar Bundy was born at 17 Frederick Place, Brighton, Sussex, on 29 March 1862, son of Daniel Bundy (1834-1883), a seaman in the Royal Navy, and his first wife, Caroline née Wood (1832-1871), who married at Brighton in 1857. In 1871, Stephen's 38-year-old mother Caroline, together with children, Edgar 9, Grace 7 and Caroline 5, were visitors at Tidy Street, Brighton, the home of Charles Blundell and his family. His mother, Caroline died at Marylebone, London later that year and his father married again, at St Pancras, London in 1877, Elizabeth Martin, and had further issue. In 1881, Edgar's father was a painter & decorator, living at 6 Lower Kennington Lane, Lambeth, London with his new family, but Edgar, nor any of his siblings, were living with them. Bundy seems to have had no formal art training but learnt in the studio of Alfred Stevens (1823-1906). In 1901, a 39-year-old unmarried artist, living at 5 Adelaide Road, Hampstead, London with a 29 year old housekeeper Lizzie Bell, who was born in Wales and by 1905 they had moved along the road to 193 Adelaide Road, now with 38 year old common-law wife Elizabeth [Lizzie] (1873-1963), born London, and their 7 year old son Edgar Foster Bundy, born in London, no marriage took place and they had further issue including Stephen Richard Bundy (4 February 1914-1988), who was a scenic artist. Bundy specialised in historical paintings in oil and watercolour, usually in a detailed and narrative style, a genre which was popular in Bundy's time. Elected a Member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours in 1891 and an Associate of the Royal Academy on 23 April 1915, exhibiting at the Academy 1881-1922 including from 193 Adelaide Road in 1905 'The Morning of Sedgemoor' which was purchased by the Chantrey Bequest, and in 1913 'Finance' which provoked controversy amongst the Jewish community, he also exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1907 and elsewhere. Stephen Edgar Bundy died at St John's Wood, London on 10 January 1922, leaving his entire estate of some £4,000 to Mrs Elizabeth Bell, wife of Victor Charles Smile Bell. A Mrs Elizabeth Bundy exhibited, 'the late Edgar Bundy, A.R.A., R.I.', at the Ipswich Art Club from 3 Acacia Road, St John's Wood, NW8 in 1923, two oils 'Marketing in the Holidays' and 'The Scotch Fisher Girls at Great Yarmouth'.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from 2 Warren Street, Tottenham Court Road, London
1881 901 Simon Tapertit; from Barnaby Rudge
from 46 Howland Street, Fitzroy Square, West London
1887 211 Persuasion
         821 A Benedict
from 6 Camden Studios, Camden Street, Northwest London
1889 401 J.J. Beswick, Esq.
         635 The Heir
1890 93 A Cold Collation
         1032 'Gazed at the arms he could no longer wield'
1891 503 'For the best of good cheer and the seat at the fire'
from 1 Park Road Studios, Haverstock Hill, Northwest London
1892 414 A Night School
1893 359 Antonio Stradivari
1895 573 The Saucy Arethusa
from 5 Adelaide Road, Hampstead, Northwest London
1896 101 A Witch
1897 391 Puritans
1898 938 Limboed
1900 1074 Watercress
1901 906 The Discovery of Grinling Gibbons by John Evelyn
1903 294 Two-year-old today
         508 A Country Cousin
1904 503 From Southern Seas and the Spaniard's Yoke
from 193 Adelaide Road, Hampstead, Northwest London
1905 194 The Morning of Sedgemoor
1906 322 Capture of James II at Sheerness
1907 135 A Storm Brewing
         455 The Day of Sedgemoor
1908 324 The Sands of Life
1909 261 City Fathers
1910 669 The Herring Season: Great Yarmouth
from 4 The Mall, Park Hill Road, Haverstock Hill
1911 452 Charles II presenting Barbara Palmer to the Queen, Catherine of Braganza
from 56 Park Hill Road, Haverstock Hill
1912 313 The First Performance of 'The Merry Wives of Windsor'
from 3 Acacia Road, St John's Wood, Northwest London
1913 575 Finance
1914 21 Antonio Stradivari
         853 Idlers and Workers
1915 78 The Merry Monarch
         576 'Stalky & Co.'
1916 407 Primrose Hill
         440 'Pip', son of F.W. Pomeroy, Esq., R.A.
         458 David Murray, Esq., R.A.
         556 Mrs Buckston Browne
         677 The Doctor Forbids
         851 Bridge
1917 172 Depatches-Is he mentioned?
         323 Sir Woodburn Kirby
         668 Sir Woodburn Kirby - presentation portrait
         688 The Mannequin
1918 194 Convalescent
1919 127 Landing of the 1st Canadian Division at St Nazarre
         188 At the Curiosity Shop
         443 Waiting
1920 118 Commander P.T. Dean, V.C., M.P.
         128 Rivals
         266 Scandal
         398 The Late Lieut. Col. G. Buckston Browne, D.S.O., R.F.A.
         518 In a Tunisian Café
         665 A Bride of Next Year
1921 294 Tunisian Women
         378 Mabrouka
         393 Café Marabout
         497 The Charity of the Bey
the late
1922 275 Ayesha
         309 Early Evening: Greenacre Farm
         828 In the Bazaar, Tunis - watercoolour

Works by This Artist