TIBBENHAM, Donald Alfred

1910 - 2001

Don Tibbenham

Donald Alfred Tibbenham, was born at Lincoln, Lincolnshire on 15 November 1910, second son of Lewis/Louis John Tibbenham (1 September 1878-26 June 1968), manager & secretary of an engineering works, and his wife Eveline May née Felgate (1 May 1879-15 April 1944), as Louis John Tibbenham, they married at Ipswich in 1902 and in 1939 were still living at 10 Temple Road, Stowmarket, Suffolk. In 1911, Donald was living at 10 Temple Road, Stowmarket with his parents, 32 year old Lewis and 30 year old Eveline, both born at Ipswich and a 3 year old sibling Frank Eric, born at Lincoln on 25 September 1907. In 1939, an unmarried publicity organiser, living at 112-114 Thorpe Road, Norwich and he married at Bedford in 1943, Margaret Alice née Snell (11 July 1911-8 September 1991) and their daughter was Zena Tibbenham. A committee member of the Free Painters Group from 1962, with which group he frequently exhibited. Donald Alfred Tibbenham died at Norwich on 24 April 2001.

Works by This Artist