JACKAMAN, Catherine Sinclair

1850 - 1942

As Catherine Sinclair Birkett, she was born at Upgate, Louth, Lincolnshire on 15 September 1850, daughter of Benjamin Birkett (c1820-23 March 1888), a solicitor’s clerk, and his wife Mary née Sinclair (1828-26 August 1896), who married at Boston, Lincolnshire in 1849. By 1861, Benjamin was a solicitor’s managing clerk, living at Horbling, Lincolnshire and shortly afterwards came to Ipswich and set up as a solicitor & attorney at 4 Providence Street, Ipswich where he was living in 1871, with his 43 year old wife Mary and daughters Catherine Sinclair 20 and Annie Sinclair 19, both born at Louth. Catherine married at St George the Martyr's, Bloomsbury, London on 24 July 1873, Henry Mason Jackaman (1840-1930), an Ipswich solicitor. In 1881, Catherine was a 30 year old, living at 108 London Road, Ipswich with her 40 year old husband Henry, and three children, Catherine Sinclair (1876-1955), Annie Dorothea (1878-1974) and Henry Simon Batley (1879-1932), all born at Ipswich. A member of the Ipswich Fine Art Club 1875-1885 when of 20 Burlington Road, Ipswich but does not seem to have exhibited. Her husband died at Ipswich on 11 January 1930, aged 89 and in 1939, Catherine was a widow living at 51 Henley Road, Ipswich with two unmarried daughters, Catherine Sinclair and Annie Dorothea. Catherine was of Colne House, Henley Road, Ipswich when she died at The Vicarage, Framsden, near Ipswich on 12 August 1942, aged 91.