BUTLER, Marian Gill

1849 - 1889

As Marian Gill Bird, she was born at Ipswich on 19 June 1849, daughter of Buckingham Bird (1819-22 January 1901), house painter & glazier, and his wife Mary Ann née Gill (1821-20 November 1864), second daughter of Stephen Gill of Ipswich, who married at Ipswich on 9 April 1845. In 1851, Marian was a 1-year-old, living at 20 Carr Street, Ipswich with her parents, 32-year-old Buckingham and 29-year-old Mary, with two elder brothers, Charles Gill 5 and Buckingham [Jun] 3. Her mother died at Ipswich 'after a lingering affliction aged 43' in 1864 and in 1871, Buckingham, Sen. was a widower, living at 17 Westgate Street, St Matthew, Ipswich with Marian, her sister Catherine Emily and brother Buckingham, jun. Marian was still with her father at 17 Westgate Street in 1881. Marian married at St Pancras, London in 1882, William Butler and as M. G. Butler, exhibited a drawing at the Ipswich Fine Art Club in 1883 ‘On the Orwell’ (512). Marian Gill Butler died on 2 December 1889 and buried in Ipswich Cemetery on 6 December 1889, aged 40.