CAMPBELL, Frederick William

1782 - 1849

Frederick William Campbell was born on 4 January 1782, a descendant of the Campbells of Barbreck, a branch of the Scottish Argyll family, eldest and only surviving of the four children of Donald Campbell of Barbreck (1751-1804) and his wife Mary, daughter of Lord Frederick Campbell. He entered the army, becoming captain in the 1st Regiment of Guards but on succeeding his father in 1804, retired from the army and gradually disposed of the family estate in Argyllshire, retaining only the superiority (freehold qualification) to connect him with the county. In 1824, he moved into the newly built Birkfield Lodge, Ipswich, Suffolk, purchased at auction in July of that year from General Count Linsingen, who had bankrupted himself with the building costs. Frederick married three times, firstly on 23 January 1804, Jessie Aspasia Caulfeild, daughter of Janet Ruthen, Jessie died in 1812, aged 28; secondly on 15 October 1814, her stepsister Emma Ashwell Caulfeild, daughter of Anne Cope, Emma died in 1817, aged 27, both daughters of Wade Toby Caulfeild (1732-1800), and thirdly on 21 February 1820, Sophia (born c.1785), daughter of Sir Edward Warrington, Bart. M.P., by whom he had one daughter, Sophia. Campbell was an Ipswich magistrate and deputy-lieutenant of the county of Suffolk and privately published ĎA Letter, to Mrs Campbell of Barbreck, containing an account of the Campbells of Barbreck, from their first ancestors to the Present Time' (Ipswich 1830). A member of the Ipswich Society of Professional & Amateur Artists from 1833, where he was tutored by Henry Davy. Frederick William Campbell died at Ipswich on 14 December 1849 and buried at Stanford-on-Teme, Worcestershire on 27 December 1849. In 1851, his 66-year-old wife was still living at Birkfield Lodge where she died in 1856.