BARKER, Charles

1812 - 1876

Chares Barker was born at Ipswich around 1812. A member of the Ipswich Society of Professional & Amateur Artists from 1833, where he was tutored by Henry Davy. Charles married at St Clements Church, Ipswich on 29 September 1835, Eliza Charlotte Bennett. In 1851, a 39-year-old clerk, living at Back Street, Ipswich with his 39-year-old wife (Eliza) Charlotte and five children, Victoria 14, Charles 10, Emily 7, Ellen 5 and newly born George. By 1871, now a carpenter's storekeeper, they had moved to Clarkson Street, Ipswich with the addition of two more sons, Arthur 9 and John 8. Chares Barker died at Ipswich on 27 January 1876 and was buried in Ipswich Cemetery on 1 February 1876, aged 63, he was survived by his widow.