1802 - 1870

Benjamin Backhouse, was born at Rendham, Saxmundham, Suffolk on 25 April and baptised as Rendham Independent Church on 12 June 1802, son of Philemon Backhouse (1761-1821) and his wife Elizabeth. He married firstly at St Clement's church, Ipswich on 5 April 1822, Mary Ann Prentice and secondly in 1849, Mary Ann Branch. Backhouse was foreman to stonemason James de Carle and had a business at Diss, Norfolk but in 1828 he opened a stone and marble works at 1 St Matthews Street, Ipswich but by 1842 was an architect & surveyor at St Matthews, Ipswich when he took into partnership William Seward, land surveyor. In 1851, a 48 year old architect & surveyor, living at Whitton Road, Ipswich with his 32 year old second wife Mary Ann, with four children. A member of the Ipswich Society of Professional & Amateur Artists from 1834, where he was probably tutored by Henry Davy. He died at his home at Norwich Road, Ipswich on 31 March 1870, aged 68. He was also an estate agent, stonemason and builder and the East Suffolk & Ipswich Hospital, Anglesea Road, Ipswich which was designed by William Parkes Ribbans was erected by Backhouse