1953 - ?

As Valerie D. Silver, she was born in SW Essex in 1953, daughter of Robert Norman Silver (1923-1988) and his wife Constance Eva née Hill (1924-), who married at East Ham, Essex in 1945. Valerie married at Colchester, Essex in 1982, Martin P. Weavers (born 1960) and paints under the name of Val Weavers. Val exhibited from 56 Mallard Way, Sudbury, Suffolk, at the 'Vision of Sudbury' show at St Peter's Church, Sudbury in 2007 'St Peter's Church', in 2009 'Down by the River' and in 2013, two acrylics 'Borley Haunted Church' and 'Autumn Gold-River Stour'.

Works by This Artist