1797 - 1863

Mary Fitch, was born at Ipswich on 11 January and baptised on 5 March 1797, daughter of Samuel Fitch, druggist, and his wife Elizabeth née Stevenson, who married at Norwich on 17 February 1792, Mary was a sister to William Stevenson Fitch (1792-1859) of Ipswich and of Robert Fitch (1802-1895) who moved to Norwich in 1827. An exhibitor at the Norwich Society of Artists from 1816 when, giving no address, showing six still-life 'five of which were after Sillett' and six the following year. In 1818, she exhibited five still life paintings from Ipswich and three in 1819, again with no address, eight in 1820 and five in 1821. In 1822, from an address in Norwich she had four paintings on show. Mary died at Ipswich in 1863, she was unmarried.