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Mary Scott, studied at Ipswich School of Art and Design 1974-1976, at Loughborough College of Art and Design 1976-1979 and at Birmingham Polytechnic 1979-1980. Since 1980 she has worked as an Art Therapist, both for the National Health Service and in education. Her paintings are usually of an interior, often within a studio, where she can select subjects and a mirror is a recurrent theme as are self portraits. Recently she has developed other places in an home environment such as atmospheric hallways, doorways and window spaces. Mary prefers to work on a series of drawings before painting, whilst drawings are generally more spontaneous, her paintings often culminate in something more finished. A Member and regular exhibitor at the Ipswich Art Society and has also exhibited at the Association of Maidstone Artists; John Russell Gallery, Ipswich; The Quay Theatre, Sudbury; Mayors Exhibition, Ipswich; Young Blood, Ipswich; Frame Workshop and Gallery, Ipswich and 'In The Window' M F Frames, Ipswich and elsewhere.

One of several Mary Scott artists.

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