1865 - 1937

Paul Politachi, was born in Constantinople [Istanbul] in 1865, son of Constantine Politachi (1840-1914), a merchant in cotton goods, and his wife Virginie. Paul also painted under the name of Paul Paul. About 1870 the family came to England and in 1871, Paul was a 6 year old, living at 4 Victoria Crescent, Broughton, Salford with his parents, 31 year old Constantine and 23 year old Virginie, with two sibling sisters, Eutcripi 4 and Emilie 2, also living with them was Constantine's mother, 55 year old Fotine Politachi, all born in Constantinople, they also retained a governess and a servant. In January 1887 Paul enrolled at Herkomer's School at Bushey, Hertfordshire and was introduced to membership of the Staithes Group of Artists. In 1891, a 25 year old grey cloth agent, living with the family now at Bury New Road, Broughton. He was the co-respondent in a divorce action in January 1896 with Marion née Archer, the wife of Ernest Burkhardt when 5.000 damages were awarded against him and in February 1896, as Paul Plato Politachi, an unemployed cloth salesman of 40 Lloyd Street, Manchester, formerly living with his father at Glen Lodge, Kersal, Manchester, he appeared for his public examination in bankruptcy with liabilities of 5,700 and assets of 1.63. He married at Hendon, Middlesex later in 1896, Marion Burkhardt née Archer after which he changed his name to Paul Plato Paul, painting as Paul Paul. In 1901, a 35 year old artist painter, living at 4 Rudolph Road, Bushey, Watford, Hertfordshire with his 36 year old wife Marion and their 4 year old son George. His wife died in 1909 when he married secondly in 1910 at Conway, Caernarvon, Margaret Ellen Bursi (1882-1964) and in 1911, now Paul Paul, a 44[sic] year old, living at 11 Bath Road, Bedford Park, Chiswick with his 29 year old wife Margaret, son George and a new son, 1 year old John. He painted chiefly in oils using small strokes of pure colour, very much in the manner of the French Impressionists and was to spend most of his career based in London. He painted on the North Yorkshire coast during the peak of the Staithes Group but he also worked in Etaples in France and at Walberswick in Suffolk, both favourite haunts of Philip Wilson Steer [q.v]. Elected to the Royal Society of British Artists in 1903 and in that year exhibited 'The Old Pier, Walberswick' and 'The Road to the Village' in their winter exhibition. As Paul Paul, he died at 11 Bath Road, Bedford Park, Brentford, Middlesex on 23 January 1937, aged 71.

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