1941 - 2018

Jamie Bruce-Lockhart

James Robert Bruce-Lockhart was born at Sedburgh, Yorkshire on 14 March 1941, son of John Macgregor Bruce Lockhart (9 May 1914-7 May 1995), an intelligence officer, and his wife Margaret Evelyn née Hone (11 July 1916-2000), the younger daughter of the Bishop of Wakefield, who married at Sandal Church, Wakefield on 14 September 1939. Jamie was educated at Dragon School, Oxford obtaining a B.A. in 1963 and married at Kensington, London in 1967, Felicity A. Smith. A former British diplomat who, when serving in Lagos in the late 1980s, took an interest in pre-colonial West African Nigeria. After reading Captain Hugh Clapperton’s 'Journal of a Second Expedition' (1829), led him to follow in the footsteps of the Scottish explorer, cross-country from the coast to the desert’s edge and from Lake Chad in the East to Borgu in the West. He also identified in detail the route taken by Richard Lander (1804-1834) when he sought to return to the sea by way of Opanda and the lower Niger after Clapperton’s death in 1827, and Jamie's biography of Hugh Clapperton appeared in 2007 and he is the author of many others. In 2002, Jamie was living at Westwick, Lodge Road, Southwold and later moved to The Old Post Office, The Street, Saxmundham both in Suffolk. A watercolour artist and an author including 'Suffolk Landscapes: Drawings in Pen and Ink' (2014) and has had several solo exhibitions in the Walberswick area. James Robert Bruce-Lockhart died on 27 October 2018.

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