PHILIPS, Frank Albert

1831 - 1905

As Franciscus Albertus Philips, he was born at Ekeren, Antwerp, Belgium in 1831, son of Francis Albert Philips. He married in Belgium about 1858 Anna Maria née Adriaenssens. By17 June 1869, as Frank Albert Philips, a commission picture dealer, living at Queen's Road, Peckham and was of Leicester Square in London when declared bankrupt. In 1871, Frank was a 40 year old portrait painter and professor of painting, living at 4 Lincoln Terrace, Carlton Road, Camberwell, with his 39 year old wife Anna Maria and their eight children, Francis Albert 12, Victoria Elisabeth 10, Joanna 9, Susanna Maria. 8, Cornelius Leopoldus 6, Catherina Josephena 4, Louisa R. all born born at Antwerp in Belgium, and 8 month old Flora being born in Kent, who had a successful career in London as an artist, they also retained a 'ladies maid' Maria Geizer, born Switzerland and a cook. However, by 1881 Anna Maria had moved to Church Street, Dalton, Huddersfield with nine of her children, Frank Albert 22, Victoria Elisabeth 20, Joanna 19, Maria S. 18, Cornelias Leopoldus 16, Josephena C. 14 and Louisa J. with Flora A. 10, born Middlesex and Rosa Eleanor 6, born Dewsbury. Anna Maria died at Highroyd, Moldgreen, Huddersfield on 3 January 1888, aged 56, and on 17 November 1890, Francis giving his age as 59, married at Southwark, London, Margaret Hannah Scott. In 1891, a 60 year old portrait painter, living at Carr Street, Leeds with his 35 year old wife Margaret with three children aged between 14 and 16 all born in Leeds, and a son Henry Paul Victor Reid Philips, born Bombay, India on 25 June 1889, his mother's name being given at Mary Ann Sturrock and his eldest son Frank Albert, jun., a photographer, died at Presidency Hospital Calcutta on 4 April 1891, aged 32. His second wife Margaret was buried at Woodhouse St Mark, Leeds on 9 September 1897 and in 1899, as Frank, he married at Aston, Warwickshire his third wife, Harriet Powell. On 31 August 1899, as Phillips aged 68, of 16 Ashley Avenue, Burmantofts, Leeds, he was admitted to Leeds General Infirmary with a diagnosis of an enlarged prostate/cystitis when he disclosed as having spent time living in India and a life which involved alcohol, being discharged on 7 September 1899. In 1901, Frank was a 70 year old artist painter, living at 4 Pear Street, Leeds with his wife, 45 year old Harriet Philips, born Leeds and a 12 year old step-son Charles Matthews, born Sheffield. As Frank Albert Philips, he died in a Leeds workhouse in 1905, aged 74 and buried in a paupers grave. He is sometimes named as Phillips and his painting of Queen Victoria and one of Prince Albert are in the the collection of Colchester and Ipswich Museums.

Works by This Artist