1953 - ?

Ivan Quarton

Ivan H. Quarton was born in the Samford district of Suffolk in 1953, son of Ivor Harold Quarton (1928-8 March 2009) and his wife Audrey A. née Garnham (born 1932), who married at Ipswich in 1950. Ivan married at Ipswich in 1975, Beverley A. Friston and they have two daughters. He worked with oils, their vibrant colours and methods of application blurring edges for softness and atmosphere. Using the local landscape as a source of inspiration and subject, not forgetting still life and the odd flora/fauna subject. He exhibited at the Ipswich Art Club from 33 Hazelcroft Road, Ipswich in 1978, two paintings 'Little Owl and Stag Beetle' and 'Song Thrush and Blackberries' also exhibiting from 2 Hintlesham Close, Ipswich at the Reunion Gallery, Felixstowe and MF Gallery and Framing.

Works by This Artist