BURNS, Vivienne

1954 - ?

As Vivienne A. Peck, she was born at Colchester, Essex in 1954, daughter of David J. Peck and his wife Joan N. Thompson, who married at Colchester in 1953. Educated at Bungay Grammar School 1965-1972 and obtained a B.Ed. in Art and Design. She married in 2000, David Burns and now paints under the name of Vivienne Burns. Her work has explored many two dimensional techniques in trying to express feelings, she also works in clay being fascinated with the shapes and patterns of ammonites. Vivienne travels to India and Bangladesh and paints the ordinary people in villages and cities, recording their everyday activities and their way of life in these communities. The resulting images are moving and demonstrates how Vivienne has engaged with people in their environment, using a variety of media including oil and acrylic paint, gouache and mixed media. A member of the Halesworth Gallery Committee and membership secretary for Anglian Potters. In 2000, in the barns at the family farm at Thorington, Suffolk, she opened art classes and for accommodation, a venture in which she was joined by her husband. She donated a work to the 'Westhall Secret Postcard Auction' in 2013 'Number Three'. www.vivienneburnsart.com

Works by This Artist