1952 - ?

Andrew Shortland

Andrew L. Shortland was born at Barnstable, Devon in 1952, son of Lawrence Finlayson Shortland (1923-5 March 1986) and his wife Winifred née Chamberlin (21 May 1927-), who married at Lambeth, London in 1949. Andrew lived on a small yacht ‘Brillig’ for some fourteen years, the different countries being the inspiration for his work and has spent the past forty years the sea, and the world's shores have been the mainspring for his art. His lifestyle has inevitably been a cycle of feast and famine from selling $10.00 pencil sketches in the West Indies, to receiving enough money to support a year's cruising from one sale. With such an endless variety of scenes and living in some of the most beautiful parts of the world, shortage of money has only been temporary. He married in Somerset in 1997, Rika Nanaka who is a talented classical pianist. He now has a home at Old Barn Cottage in North Suffolk.

Works by This Artist