c.1687 - 1757

Edward Seymour married Elizabeth Whitton, daughter of Francis Whitton (1656-c1715) and his wife Lucy, née Lightfoot (1666-1737). The Seymour’s were living in Twickenham, Middlesex by 1716 where their son, Charles, was baptised at St Mary’s Church on 30 June, noted as the son of Edward and Elizabeth. Although described on his tombstone in St Mary’s churchyard, Twickenham as a ‘Portrait Painter’, little of Edward Seymour’s work appears to be recorded. There are three portraits of the Fonnereau family at Christchurch Mansion in Ipswich, a property owned by the family from the 18th century. The Fonnereau's were originally Huguenots from la Rochelle in France. One of these is an attribution to Seymour and is of Mrs Ann Fonnereau (1698-1784), sister of Charles Boehm. Boehm lived at Holly House, Twickenham from 1749-56, so this may have established Seymour's connection with the Fonnereau's. Edward Seymour was buried at Twickenham on 3 February 1757, but the memorial is now lost.

Works by This Artist