CLAMP, Robert

1769 - 1808

Robert Clamp

Robert Clamp was born in London in 1769, son of Robert Clamp, a linen weaver, who in 1768 had a shop joining to the Sign of the Falcon in St Nicholas parish, his mother was a daughter of Moses Pattrick (1741-10 September 1790) of who kept the Falcon Inn, Ipswich. Young Robert advertised from Mr Baldrey's, No. 279 Holborn in November 1790 in the 'Ipswich Journal', for a watch inscribed Moses Pattrick of the Falcon Inn, Ipswich, the property of his late father-in-law who had died on 10 September 1790'. Robert was a tallow chandler and stipple engraver, and he married at St Andrew by the Wardrobe, London on 30 June 1791, Sarah Ennew (1772-16 December 1847) and their son was Robert Burcham Clamp, their daughter, Mary Susan, was born on 27 May and baptised at St Nicholas Church, Ipswich on 23 July 1797 and she married at the same church on 12 March 1820, George Curtis (1796-6 October 1867), licenced victualler, and was the aunt of Sir Robert Garrod of Ipswich, Mary Susan Curtis died at Torquay on 27 February 1900, aged 102. By 1797, Robert had moved from London to Ipswich, where he continued in the same profession as a tallow chandler, and he died at Ipswich on 29 September 1808 and was buried in St Nicholas churchyard six days later. In the 'Ipswich Journal' of 9 January 1813 his wife Sarah, was advertising her school in St Nicholas Street, Ipswich and she went on to marry secondly at St Nicholas Church, Ipswich on 15 August 1816, James Hill, and she died at Ipswich on 16 December 1847, aged 75.