SCOTT, Ivan Bertram

1921 - 1989

Born at Ipswich on 28 June 1921, son of Thomas Bertram Scott (1882-1932) and his wife Florence Adeline née Goddard (28 June 1891-1972), who married in the Woodbridge district in 1915 and in 1939 Florence was a widow living at 520 Norwich Road, Ipswich. A watercolour painter and a member of the Ipswich Art Club from 1948 but exhibited from 11 Ashcroft Road, Ipswich in 1947 'Portrait of an Indian Sweeper', in 1948 'Italian Farmer', in 1949 three works 'Guy Fawkes Night', Holy Trinity Church, Coventry' and 'Tronla', in 1950 'Burma' and 'Bablake Hospital' which seem to be his last. He married at Ipswich in 1975, Stena Mary A. Lockwood, née Clover (born 1947) and he died at Ipswich in 1989.