MORLEY, Robert

1857 - 1941

Robert Morley

Robert Morley was born at Kentish Town, London on 30 July 1857, second son of Professor Henry Morley, LLD (15 September 1822-14 May 1894) and his wife Mary Anne née Stagle, who married at Kensington, London in 1851. In 1871, Robert was a 13-year-old student, living at Upper Park Road, St John, Hampstead with his mother, 49-year-old Mary Anne, with his four siblings, Violet 17, Henry Foster 15, Margaret 11, and Edith Caroline 6. Robert studied at the Slade School of Fine Art under Alphonse Legros (1837-1911) afterwards in Munich and in Rome and was a Slade scholar and Painting Medallist. In 1881, a 23-year-old artist, still living at 8 Upper Park Road, Hampstead, with his 58-year-old father Henry, a professor of engineering at University College, London and two siblings, Henry and Margaret. He married at Manchester in 1895, Mary Hodgkinson and they moved to Tilford Farm House, Farnham Royal, Surrey. In 1911, a 53-year-old painter artist, living at The Dial House, Frensham, Surrey with his 49-year-old wife Mary, who was born Manchester, with a visitor and one servant, they later moved to Stroud, Gloucestershire. A painter of animal subjects, landscapes, genre, and historical subjects, exhibiting figure subjects but after 1888 turned to just animal painting and landscape. He exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1884 and in 1921 he exhibited at the Society of Animal Painters "half a dozen ‘anecdotes’ rendered with his wonted taste for the whimsicalities of animal life!" and in 1922 at the Royal Society of British Artists 'The Manor Farm 1693', "a sincere record of a charming stone-built house". A member of the Royal Society of British Artists 1889 and subsequently Hon. Treasurer 1890-1896 and a member of the Ipswich Fine Art Club 1919-1926 exhibiting in 1919 from The Dial House, Frensham, two oils 'A Garden Gate' and 'Where Wild Fowl Call' and in 1921 'In Doubt' and 'In Off' and in 1924 he exhibited from Langford, Lechdale, Gloucestershire, two further oils 'In the Lull of the World' and 'First Come, First Served'. Robert Morley died at The Knapp, Elcombe, Stroud, Gloucestershire on 3 April 1941, aged 83. He signed his works 'Robert Morley'.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from 8 Upper Park Road, Haverstock Hill, Northwest London
1884 771 Afternoon
1886 1090 'Induamur arma lucis'
1888 120 Henpecked
1892 192 Lions
from Tilford Farm House, Farnham, Surrey
1893 534 A Ducking
1895 359 Two of a Trade
1899 619 A Moment's Hesitation
from Dial House, Frensham, Farnham, Surrey
1913 570 A Flowery Pool
1915 438 By Loch Maree
1917 614 In Afternoon Sunlight
         623 A Rock Garden
1919 206 When leaves are falling
         299 The Angler's Path

Works by This Artist