1921 - 2006

Faith Nancy Anthea Nigella Bittleston was born at Ipswich on 5 October 1921, daughter of Major Nigel Adam Bittleston (16 May 1887-18 May 1938) and his wife Nancy Violet Avril Massy née Lloyd (14 April 1893-11 February 1985), who married at Ipswich in 1920. Faith worked for the code breakers at Bletchley Park during the Second World War and was awarded their medal 'For service in support of the work of Bletchley Park during World War Two'. An animal painter and, as Nigella Bittleston, a member of the Ipswich Art Club from 1969 and exhibited from 11 Constitution Hill, Ipswich in 1977, three pictures 'Student', 'Girl in Blue' and 'Sketch for a Portrait' and the following year 'Rilla' and 'Patrick' and was a regular exhibitor. As Nigella Bittleston she also exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer exhibition in 1967 which was featured in the 'Royal Academy Illustrated'. Faith Nancy Anthea Nigella Bittleston died at Ipswich on 27 October 2006, she was unmarried.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from 2d Observatory Gardens, West London
1967 1226 Black and White Cats

Works by This Artist