BARKER, John George

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John George Barker, was an associate member of the Ipswich Art Club 1939-1951 and exhibited in 1942 four works 'Study in Black', 'The Little Corporal', 'River Colne at Ford Street' and 'The Trumpeter Swans'.

There is a later John Barker who exhibits at Re+New at Woodbridge, on whom I have been unable to separate with other artists with the same name detail:-
'With a long career as an artist, John has a wide repertoire of work. He firstly trained at Hornsey College of Art and then went on to study sculpture and ceramics at Colchester School of Art. Sometimes colourful, sometimes monochrome, sometimes loose and whimsical, you never know what to expect next. But one thing's for certain, when people like a piece of John's work, they select very quickly and instinctively.'