1963 - ?

Jonathan Field

Jonathan I. Field was born at Ipswich on 16 April 1963, son of Robert W. Field and his wife Stephanie née McLaren, who married in the Samford district of Suffolk in 1960. Jonathan gained his master's degree in Visual Art at Lancaster University 1981-1984 and a doctorate 1991-1998, his thesis was on visual artist Gerhard Richter (born 1932). Jonathan married at Ipswich in 1989, Adele M. McInerney (1965-). A lecturer at Suffolk College later moving to America to teach at Savannah College of Art & Design, Georgia. An experienced lecturer and artist with extensive knowledge in coordinating a range of art education programs and is committed to an interdisciplinary model of art education and has established a strong exhibiting portfolio. His area of expertise is the 20th century, particularly the post-War period, with a focus on the relationship between postmodern American literature and visual representation. The first pictures he made with pins and velvet were portraits whilst teaching black-and-white studio photography and was interested in reversing the premise of Walter Benjamin’s 'The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction.' Over time, the work has grown more ambitious in scale, mainly because he increasingly wanted to make slow pictures-pictures that clearly take a long time to make. The 'End Time' series also reworks found images, this time in tens of thousands of dressmaker's pins pushed into large sheets of black velvet. Jonathan has exhibited in France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and Canada and regularly in East Anglia. He had a solo exhibition 'Maxwell's Demon' at Christchurch Mansion Gallery, Ipswich in 2000.

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